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No Compromise Care for Your Hands and Feet

What do we mean by no compromise care?

  • All our tools are sterilized or single use: at The Art of Healthy Nails studio, all metal implements (clippers, nippers, e-file bits, etc.) are sterilized in individual packs in an autoclave (what dentists and surgeons use to kill all microbes on their tools).  Everything else is disposable - files, buffers, toe separators and more.  For the safety and health of our clients, nothing is ever reused from one client to the next.  These practices go well beyond the typical salon, and significantly exceed New York State standards.

  • All the products we use go through a thorough evaluation for health and safety.  At The Art of Healthy Nails, we passionately believe that the products that touch our skin and nails should not contain any suspect or potentially toxic ingredients, and that having beautiful hands and feet shouldn't compromise our health and safety. Everything we use -- from base coats to foot soaks, gel polish to lotion, and more – is vetted for ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene and DBP (toxins found in many nail polishes), parabens (known endocrine disruptors often found in lotions, creams and washes), and many other questionable ingredients.  We’ve read all the fine print and done the research on every product we use – so you don’t have to!  

  • Our products and processes are safe for individuals with compromised immune systems, diabetes, even chemotherapy patients!  Having a health condition shouldn’t mean having to give up manicures or pedicures – whether it’s a simple buffing mani or pedi, a single color on the nails or toes, or all the way up to fully blinged-out nail enhancements!

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